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pair: The Power Behind The Fred Rogers Company


- Fred Rogers dedicated his life to educating children, addressing social issues, and providing a reliable presence on television. Today, pair Networks is proud to power The Fred Rogers Company, a non-profit production studio that is expanding the potential of educational programming. In the days of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, a television...

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Product Spotlight: pairCDN


- Serving content over a CDN can decrease page load times and handle large, unexpected traffic spikes. When users access your site, most of the response time delay they encounter results from having to download site content such as images, scripts, and stylesheets. When you configure your site to serve content...

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pair Networks: The Power Behind Insight Designs


- Can a Web hosting company help you scale mountains?  As the hosting provider for Insight Designs Web Solutions, that’s exactly what pair Networks does. When Insight Designs wires a remote camera into a mountain-climber’s hat, pair is right there, providing the Web support that streams that breathtaking mountaintop shot. When they...

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pair: Honored to Be the Power Behind


- Innovation. Growth. Change. How do they happen? Not by accident. The world depends on people who are dedicated to making it better, forward-thinking people who can dream up big ideas and dare to make them real. The thinkers, the dreamers, the do-ers — those people change everything. pair Networks has...

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Happy Anniversary pair Networks!


- Hi, this is Kevin Martin, founder and CEO of pair Networks, Inc. Today is the nineteenth anniversary of our first day online, hosting Web sites. I know I’ve told this story before, but we started in a small office that used to house insurance agents, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. We had one...

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Goodbye 2014


- It’s hard to believe it is already 2015!  2014 was an exciting year for us as well as other tech companies out there.  Check out this fun look back at 2014 from TechCrunch:

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Quantum Teleportation Goes Farthest Distance Yet


- This is pretty exciting, a new distance record was set in the world of quantum teleportation.  “In a recent experiment, the quantum state (the direction it was spinning) of a light particle instantly traveled 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) across an optical fiber, becoming the farthest successful quantum teleportation feat yet....

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Google is Designing Kid-friendly Versions of Search, YouTube, and Chrome


- It’s been confirmed that Google is in the process of creating tailored versions of Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome for kids under 12.  Specific details on timing of a roll-out haven’t been released yet, but this is certainly something to look forward to. “‘The big motivator inside the company is...

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Bluetooth 4.2 Core Specifications Finalized


- A new version of the Bluetooth core specifications have officially been adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). “Version 4.2 promises greater speed, greater privacy, and a soon to be ratified Bluetooth profile for IP connectivity. With the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution underway, the Bluetooth SIG hopes that...

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