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Facebook’s Newest Marketing Tool: Professional Mode

On December 8, 2021, Meta released “Professional Mode,” a new feature that enhances profiles and pages by providing new marketing tools. These tools will allow Facebook creators to benefit from additional monetization features.

Professional Mode applies to both profiles and pages. What is the difference between these applications?

For Profiles

Professional Mode for Profiles provides monetization options for creators who do not have Facebook pages. These types of users typically don’t have Facebook profiles. Meta’s new Facebook tools give qualifying users the capability to grow their audiences and increase their Facebook-generated revenue.

One important Professional Profiles tool is the Reels Play Bonus program. This new monetization feature allows qualifying creators the ability to earn up to $35,000/month (depending upon the number of reel views a creator gets). Currently, the Reels bonus program is invite-only. 

Professional Mode for Profiles also offers marketing insight capabilities (like shares, page views, etc.) similar to those provided for Facebook Page users.
Although Professional Mode for Profiles is currently only available to select individuals (since the tools are still in testing), Meta plans to expand these opportunities to other creators in the future.

For Pages

This most recent product rollout includes a Professional Mode option for Facebook Pages. Now, Facebook offers the Professional Dashboard, a tool that enables Page administrators to view page performance and marketing tools and insights. Some of these new features include a snapshot of engagement and followers and helpful advice for creating quality content.  

Additionally, Meta is currently testing the application of a Facebook Business Suite feature to a creator-focused mode. The current tool, which is in testing, enables creators to schedule posts in much the same way that companies can use Facebook Business Suite.  

Promising Marketing Tools

Meta has many exciting Facebook and Instagram marketing features in the works. The next few months promise to reveal even more Meta technologies!  

What do you think of Meta’s new marketing tools? Feel free to let us know!

Next Steps

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