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Two Easy Ways to Market with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger is a useful marketing tool that is often overlooked.  When combined with a chatbot, Facebook Messenger is a powerful marketing tool that can reap many benefits for an organization.  The following methods require the use of MobileMonkey, a free chatbot tool.  

Basic Info About Marketing Chatbots

Firstly, let’s start by defining what a chatbot is.  A chatbot, according to MobileMonkey, is “a piece of automated software that engages in a conversation with people.”  When asked basic questions, chatbots can provide people with information about your organization, about your product–about whatever you want.  These chatbots can also carry out certain tasks.  By using a chatbot, you can help increase your company’s lead generation.  

What Is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is specifically designed for the Facebook Messenger platform. MobileMonkey, in particular, offers the following benefits:

  • The contact info and profile picture of the person chatting with the bot
  • Enables you to send push notifications to people who chat with the bot
  • You obtain the Facebook ID of whoever is chatting with the bot
  • You can use Facebook Ads to remarket to the people who chatted with your bot

Benefits of Using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Since 2014, Facebook’s organic marketing usefulness has lessened.  Fan views and fan engagement have typically declined.  This loss of organic marketing impact is mostly caused by the fact that Facebook is overrun with tons of content vying for users’ attention.  Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm typically shows users already-relevant information rather than the total sum of content available on Facebook.  Finally, in 2018, Facebook changed its algorithm focus from marketing media to digital connections between people.  This change means that Facebook prioritizes content between individuals rather than content from marketers.  

Due to these changes, Facebook Messenger chatbots can make a huge difference.  Unlike organic posts, Facebook Messenger chatbots typically result in more user engagement.  Additionally, using Facebook Messenger chats can allow companies to reduce their marketing costs.  

While we will explore two specific Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing tactics below, you can find even more chatbot marketing possibilities at MobileMonkey.   

Chatbot Marketing Methods for Facebook Messenger

Below are two Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing strategies that you can optimize to benefit your business.  However, please remember that the Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing methods discussed in this article require that you use MobileMonkey.

Comment Guard

This tool allows a private message to be sent (via Facebook Messenger) to anyone who engages with one of your Facebook posts.  For more information on how to actually set up a comment guard, check out MobileMonkey.  Overall, the use of MobileMonkey’s comment guard will help you grow your Facebook Ad target list.

Chat Blaster

MobileMonkey’s ChatBlaster capability allows you to “schedule and bulk-send interactive, engaging content, offers, and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts.”  This feature can even increase your open rate by 10x (when compared to email blasts).  ChatBlasting even allows you to send out bulk messages to a segmented Facebook audience. 

Next Steps

Interested in learning more ways to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to increase your marketing effectiveness?  Check out this helpful article by Neil Patel.  

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