Pair Networks Blog Security Hacking Websites Is Still a Thing — Don’t Get Exploited!

Hacking Websites Is Still a Thing — Don’t Get Exploited!

Hacking Websites Is Still a Thing — Don’t Get Exploited! post thumbnail image


When it comes to hacking websites, notorious hackers provide stories that, in some cases, are impossible to believe. 


But do! 


The limits of the human mind are nonexistent when it comes to sleuthing the system. That’s why our goal is always to stay on our toes when keeping your website out of reach and super secure from meddling minds.


Take these three famous hackers:

  • The Department of Justice called Kevin Mitnick the “most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history.” He was also one of the FBI’s Most Wanted after hacking into 40 major corporations. 
  • Graham Ivan Clark used social engineering to gain access to internal Twitter systems and took over 130 accounts, including President Joe Biden, Elon Musk, pop star Kanye West and Bill Gates! 
  • Adrián Lamo broke into several high-profile computer networks, including The New York TimesYahoo!, and Microsoft. He was best known for reporting U.S. soldier Chelsea Manning to Army criminal investigators in 2010 for leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks.


Are you feeling a little nervous? Check out our free Malware Scanning Tool and paid Intrusion Defense protection for your Pair site!


A leader in the industry, PAIR offers far more security for far less, including

  • Super quick response times (< 3 hours)
  • Personal HUMAN attention to all malware infractions 
  • Custom-designed security software built by our expert, beyond-experienced developers 


Our Free Malware Scans, Included with All Current Hosting Plans, Offers:

  • Automatic Weekly Scanning
  • Free Scanning for Your Whole Account — All Sites up to 10,000 files
  • Custom-Built Malware Scanning Tool
  • Suspicious Files Flagged for Easy Removal Later


Our Paid Intrusion Defense Plans Offer:

  • 24-7 Support
  • Daily scanning of all files
  • Experienced developers designed PAIR’S custom detection & cleanup tools
  • Hands-on, expert, real-person attention to all exploits 
  • Clean-up of ALL account sites


Fair Pricing that Covers Your Entire Account

Other providers charge you high fees for each domain! We charge a flat price based on the number of domains per account.


Guaranteed Results

If you purchase a protection plan from us and your account is reinfected due to our action, we’ll clean it up again and provide a new backup. 


Manual Review by Real Humans

No malware protection system is perfect, so we manually review cleanups and check security scans for possible false positives.


 In Short:

Face it; hackers are only getting hackier! Why take a chance and leave your information or your customers’ information up for grabs? Visit Pair for security programs and pricing today!  

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