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A Crash Course in Web Hosting

How much thought have you given to web hosting? It seems like one thing, right? The place that houses your website and all its files on a server. But, what does that house look like and what are its amenities? This month, we’re going to take a semi-deep dive into web hosting, so you can explore the options (Pair has them all).

The amount of server space allocated to your website determines the kind of hosting you have: shared, VPS or dedicated. They differ not only in space, but in the kind of technology used,  the level of management provided and any additional value-added perks.

Shared Web Hosting

Most people choose shared web hosting, which, as its name indicates, means you are sharing a server with other websites. They are usually less expensive and lots of web hosting services compete in this space, so you have lots of options. The downside? They may be a bit slower. If you are not running a large company, shared web hosting is probably just fine.  

At Pair, we offer easy, reliable shared web hosting for just $7.95/month. With this package you can:

  • Build without any coding—Drag and drop site builder included with all Shared Hosting plans.
  • Stay safe—Automatic Malware Scan free with all current Shared Hosting plans.
  • Enjoy free email hosting500 custom email addresses included with all Shared Hosting plans.
  • Achieve more—Get 24/7 access to amazing, never-outsourced support.

Pretty sweet right? But what other houses are out there? You don’t want to move into the first one without checking out the neighborhood!

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a popular tool that currently powers more than 30% of the internet. As a resource-intensive web builder, a WordPress site requires a customized server for peak performance. 


  • WordPress hosts manage site updates and repairs
  • WordPress hosts can create site backups
  • WordPress hosts can scan your site for security threats
  • Your site performance is significantly improved with a host

The only Disadvantage?

It may limit a more advanced web developers from performing preferred site configurations

At Pair, we offer a range of Managed WordPress hosting plans from the WP Enthusiast at $14.94/month to the WP Professional Plus for $99/month. All offer:

  • A Shared, VPS or Dedicated Hosting Platform
  • SFTP Access (Secure SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • Available Custom Email Hosting for 500 Addresses
  • WordFence Security Plugin

The more expensive plans include much more space, many more emails, off-server backups, hardware updates, etc. You get it. You can compare all of our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans here. Note that the upper-tier plans host on VPS or a dedicated server, which we will explain next. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

In this case, a virtual machine runs your web server, which may not sound good at first, but it is. Although the server is shared, each VPS has its own copy of an operating system and customers get “superuser” or top administrative access to make unrestricted, system-wide changes.


  • Super reliable with better performance and more uptime
  • Dedicated resources, so can handle more traffic and run more apps
  • Better SEO rankings (from increased site loading and speed)
  • Fully managed services
    • VPS hosting takes care of hardware and software malfunctions and updates
    • VPS hosting provides and manages security

The disadvantages? 

  • More expensive
  • Requires a higher level of technological expertise

Pair’s VPS

When you choose virtual private server (VPS) hosting at Pair, your website is on a shared server, but with the benefits of dedicated hosting. Your account is partitioned off from the other users sharing the server so, there’s no overlap of resources. 

Starting at only $29.95/mo, Pair VPS hosting comes with all the features of shared hosting and more.

  • Unlimited domains and websites
  • More server access
  • Fully-managed server SSD 
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Full-featured email

Dedicated Server Hosting

With Dedicated hosting, you get a whole server to yourself, which allows you to have full control over its hardware and software. Dedicated hosting plans offer the most storage and security making them better suited for an enterprise-level web presence. 

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Plans start at just $99/month, buying you a fully managed bare metal dedicated server backed by 23 years of exceptional reliability. This means you can actually build your own server with:

  • More control as sole user
  • Enhanced security adapted to fit your individual business needs
  • Better performance based on modifications to meet your specific requirements

Our Dedicated Hosting Service also offers:

  • Guaranteed Uptime—Our generous SLA offers guarantees with respect to uptime, hardware replacement, and customer service response time.
  • Outperformance—Your sites and applications need to stand up to the rigors of heavy traffic and constant resource demands. With our datacenter-class hardware and top reliability, you’re covered.
  • 24/7 Top-Tier Support—All (VPS) Dedicated Server Hosting plans include access to our top-tier support techs and guaranteed ticket response times.

As you can see, the bigger your business, the more critical it becomes to evaluate your current web hosting plan for its ability to grow with you, keep you safe and continually perform at peak level to support your goals and clientele. 

Pair is pleased to talk with you about any questions you may have regarding the best home for your website! Connect with us today!

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