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Quick Read: WordPress 5.9 Feature Highlights

Although project issues delayed the original 2021 release, WordPress 5.9 now has an expected release date of January 25, 2022. This news means that WordPress 5.9 is almost here! What features does this new release promise?

Full Site Editing

The main perk of this feature is that you’ll be able to give your WordPress theme a unique design without having to code. WordPress 5.9 offers ten additional site blocks (you can find the blocks under the “Theme” menu item). The following bocks will be released:

  • Navigation
  • Template Part
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Post Author
  • Next Post
  • Previous Post
  • Post Comments
  • Term Description
  • Archive Title

WordPress 5.9 will also allow you to apply new styles across your site. You’ll even be able to change individual block styles. This release also offers a different way to edit navigation menus.

Improved Block Editing

WordPress 5.9 lets users more easily move block sections. In short, the block editor updates look fantastic. You can reorder items in the ListView of the toolbar by dragging the items up or down. You can also use the navigation block in the site editor to add navigation bars to your content. Heading blocks are also improved in WordPress 5.9 (via a handy vertical dropdown menu). Finally, WordPress 5.9 also provides rich URL previews in the site editor.

Beta Testing Available

Are you interested in trying WordPress 5.9 out now? The upcoming version is currently available for beta testing

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