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What You Need to Know About Malware

Is Malware Still a Thing?

Not only is malware a “thing” in 2022, but it gets smarter and more omnipresent every day. First showing its ugly face back in 1971, malicious software is purposefully designed to steal, corrupt, destroy, infect and even blackmail victims. It usually has three main goals:

  • Provide remote control for an attacker to use an infected machine. 
  • Send spam from the infected machine to unsuspecting targets. 
  • Investigate the infected user’s local network for financial and sensitive details.

None of which you want to deal with, whether you are the owner of a mega-company or small distributor of products.

Malware and Viruses Here & Now

According to Security Boulevard, December 2021, “The year 2021 witnessed the emergence of several deadly ransomware gangs that attacked and terrorized hundreds of organizations worldwide. As per the annual review by the UK National Cyber Security Centre, the number of ransomware attacks in Q1 2021 was thrice the number of those in entire 2019! Cybersecurity researchers globally … have predicted that the frequency, intensity and level of sophistication of ransomware attacks will significantly increase in 2022.” 

Viscous cyber warfare attacks also made headlines all year long in 2021 and have become a weapon of choice for countries to express their opposition. Damage caused by supply chain attacks is significantly greater and is now a favourite amongst cyber criminals globally. And finally, with more and more organizations adopting the cloud, cloud vulnerabilities have become a huge threat to data security.

You think it can’t happen to you? …

Think again!

Prevention Vs. Reaction

Like one would expect from a domain host, PAIR addresses Website risks with an expert team of developers, whose only goal is to build software that resists intrusions and eliminates exploits. 

But … “Unlike our competitors, the Pair Networks Malware Service has been designed in-house from the ground up. We work directly with your accounts and use both custom tools crafted from our years of experience and manual reviews performed by our experts to ensure your account is free from intrusions!” —Jaime Eberley, Security Services Lead, PAIR 

A leader in the industry, PAIR offers far more for far less, including

  • Super quick response times (< 3 hours)
  • Personal HUMAN attention to all malware infractions 
  • Custom-designed security software built by our expert, beyond-experienced developers 

Pair Works 24/7 To Help Keep Your Account, Websites, and Data Safe.

In addition, at PAIR we have an excellent track record of zero-day attack mitigation and prompt attack response with thorough customer communication.

We keep and maintain disaster recovery backups, off-site backups, and for many account types, we offer additional customer-configurable backups.

We run server monitoring and network monitoring 24/7 and staff members are onsite at our Pittsburgh datacenter 24/7 in case of a problem. Our data center is protected by redundant climate control, an automatic fire suppression system, and private backup diesel generators.

If you’re a PAIR customer, we encourage you to subscribe to one of our annual protection plans. If not, we encourage you to migrate to Libson and enjoy the reassurance of knowing that your domains are virtually untouchable. 

For more information visit PAIR.


Do you guarantee your cleanup services?

Yes! If we fail to identify a malicious file and your account is reinfected as a result of our action, we provide a new cleanup and clean backup file free of charge. 

How do you detect problems with an account?

We start with a custom-built malware scanning system. Our system is continuously updated with the latest malware definitions to find new vulnerabilities. Because no automatic scanner can be perfect, we always follow our scan with a manual file review. We include intrusion point detection and share details of any identified issues.

Why should I use you instead of a third-party service?

As your web host, we can safely and privately access your site and files for the purposes of cleanup so that you don’t have to share your files, credentials, and access to your information with a third-party service. Our security team has decades of combined experience and knows the intricacies of our web hosting platform better than a third-party service.

I’m not a Pair customer, can you help me?

We’d love to help! But in order to help you, we would need to migrate your site to Pair as part of your cleanup. To determine your eligibility and discuss your situation, please call us at 1-877-724-7638 or contact our “Move to Pair” team by visiting our Move to Pair information page.

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