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4 Ways to Make WordPress More Effective in 2022

It’s 2022, and you want to make life easier for you and your business. One significant way to start the New Year right is to make your WordPress site less tricky and more effective. There are many ways to make WordPress easier to use, and this article will cover a few.  

Go With a Quality Web Host

This suggestion might sound trivial, but this part is seriously a significant first step. An excellent WordPress web hosting service can make or break your experience. Many factors go into what makes a web host reliable, so be sure to choose wisely. In short, a quality web host will set your WordPress site up for success and make your life easier.  

Use a Drag-And-Drop Page Builder

Don’t let a lack of coding skills keep you from building a thriving WordPress site this year. WordPress offers several drag-and-drop builder plugins. These tools let you customize and design your WordPress site without code. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can make a WordPress site that is both appealing to the eye and beneficial to your business.  

Implement Helpful Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is that it allows you to use tons of plugins to make your site design and maintenance way more manageable. Here are a few suggested WordPress plugins for 2022:

This helpful plugin can seriously revolutionize your WordPress site’s SEO. Yoast offers several helpful features, including tips and analysis for improving your blog content, blog titles, and content descriptions. Even better, this plugin is free!

This tool allows you to more easily acquire your website users’ email addresses to generate marketing leads more easily. One of OptinMonster’s features analyzes your site’s users’ behavior and shows users offers based on their interactions with your site.  

This plugin helps boost your site’s SEO rankings by speeding up your site. With website loading times being such a huge part of SEO rankings, you’ll probably find WP Rocket to be extremely helpful.

Create an About Me Page

What is an About Me page? This part of your site offers information about you and your business, why you are worthy of people listening to or using your services, and how potential customers can contact you.  

Your “About Me” page is incredibly important for potential customers and for anyone using your site. This page should address the following issues:

  • Why people should read your site or use your services
  • What factors make you better than your competition?
  • What are the benefits of using your site?
  • What experiences make you an authority in your subject matter of expertise?
  • What services or products do you offer?
  • Where on your site should readers start?
  • What next steps should customers take?

In short, an expertly crafted About Me page can set you apart from other sites.  

Onward to 2022

Now that you know these tips, how do you think you’ll use them? Do you have any additional ideas or suggestions for ways to make WordPress easier to use? If so, please get in touch with us!  

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