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Check Out the Benefits of Pair’s Account Control Center (ACC)!

The Account Control Center (ACC) is Pair’s custom, centralized hub for managing all of your Pair account details. Here, you can:

  • Use your web browser to directly access your account files
  • Manage domain names
  • Manage email features
  • Secure and manage your account
    • Update your password
    • Control administrative functions
    • Access Pair-specific configuration options

Did You Know?

Your ACC offers many convenient, helpful features that add functionality, organization and security to your website. For instance:



  • Email Savvy. With the ACC, you can also manage your email. It allows you to create email addresses, referred to as “mailboxes” directly in your account. These email addresses will use a domain you are hosting on the account. Users can check out this link to learn more about Pair Webmail


  • SSL Security. Pair Networks offers FREE SSL certificates through the industry-trusted Let’s Encrypt SSL helps protect user data and your good reputation, preventing your website from certain forms of hacking.


  • Need help? Use your ACC to directly contact Pair support. You can talk to real, live humans to solve issues. No bots here!


Want to log in to your ACC?  You can use this link.




Article by Leslie McIlroy