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Signs of a Trustworthy Web Host

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Finding a Quality Web Host Can Be Tough

Life is hard enough, let alone adding the rewarding but challenging role of being a business owner. Read on to learn some ways to determine if a web hosting option is not only high quality but trustworthy.  


How do you determine whether a web host you’re considering is worthy of your business? We partnered with our product manager and web hosting expert, Jordan, to bring you reliable criteria for choosing which web host to trust with your site.



Presently, internet and website security is a nearly constant topic in the news, and we are frequently inundated with issues related to cyber security. However, you might specifically wonder why website security is such a big deal. How does website security affect your business, and why does such security matter when choosing a web host?  


Firstly, website security is essential because the lack of protection can turn away potential customers and affect your conversion rates. Secondly, a lack of security might negatively impact your SEO results. Google places high importance on secure websites, and the safer your site, the higher your SEO ranking. For this reason, having an SSL certificate can help improve your SEO results. Finally, using SSL on your site will help to secure your customers’ sensitive data and vastly improve the customer experience.


Pair Greatly Values Client Security

So, when you’re looking for a web host, why should you consider Pair? For one thing, Pair provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Additionally, most current Pair hosting options offer free malware scanning. Pair’s WordPress Hosting offers two more free tools: free automatic scheduled backups and free core updates for WordPress. Free core updates mean that Pair’s WordPress Hosting automatically keeps its software up-to-date, including installing the latest security patches. Lastly, Pair’s proprietary Account Control Center helps improve security by being designed and built specifically to work on Pair products.


Visit the Pair site for more information regarding Pair’s security options.


Pricing and Billing

You’re not under any illusions, and neither are we: cost is likely one of your primary considerations when choosing a web host. You probably want fair and accessible billing options. However, don’t run to the first free web hosting service you find; after all, value is significant, and you can find affordable, quality web hosting.


So, what should you look for with pricing and billing from your potential web host? For one thing, you’ll want a web host that offers pricing without gimmicks. Next, you should go with a web host that offers transparent pricing without hidden fees and prices.  


Why Consider Pair

Pair doesn’t use pricing gimmicks. For instance, Pair doesn’t offer any super-low intro prices later jacked up. In fact, “what you see is what you get.” The price you pay on month one of your service is the same price you will see continuously. Additionally, Pair usually lets customers stay on older plans that have historically worked well for those customers instead of forcing upgrades to newer services. In short, Pair values fairness and wants its customers to pay fair prices.


Pair also provides transparent pricing. When you go with Pair, you receive an itemized bill of all your products. This bill contains no hidden fees or prices. Pair’s website even lists all available and current specials.



What is uptime, and why is this feature important for your website? Uptime means that your site is up and running, and uptime monitoring ensures that your site is continuously available to customers. So, why does uptime matter for you?


Uptime matters for your site and business because website downtime results in you losing money. A down website means that your customers cannot access your site, and you lose that business. Additionally, if customers cannot consistently access your site, you could lose even more business. Finally, site outages affect your site’s SEO ranking. More site downtime means more lost SEO rankings and, subsequently, more potential revenue losses.


Uptime also has implications for your site’s security. The more your site is continuously online, the more you can detect and prevent potential hacker threats. It’s probably safe to say that increased uptime leads to greater site security.  


Pair Guarantees Uptime for Dedicated Servers

You read that right–Pair stands behind its continuous uptime. By offering SLA on Dedicated Servers, Pair guarantees uptime. Check out more about Pair’s comprehensive SLA



A slow website can be detrimental to business. Lagging site speeds might negatively affect the user experience and lead to lower SEO rankings. Additionally, lower site speeds often lead to a higher bounce rate. Faster site loading, in contrast, can improve customer experiences and lead to higher conversion rates. Faster site speed can also lead to increased SEO rankings.


Partner with Pair 

Choosing Pair as your web host is a great way to improve your site’s speed. Since Pair regularly refreshes and updates the hardware that we use for our hosting services, we can offer your site increased speed capabilities.  



Purchasing a web hosting plan should be an investment, not a one-time purchase. Your web host should offer support that gets you through all the rough website ownership and management times. With quality web hosting support, you benefit from a solid purchase that continuously gives back to you and your business.  


What characteristics make for an outstanding web hosting support? Firstly, your web hosting support team should provide solid technical help and insight when you experience site issues (such as your site going down, etc.). Secondly, your technical support team should respect your time by ensuring that you don’t wait in long lines for help. Next, web support should be free–not a paid feature. Lastly, web support should be available to you 24/7–after all, your website issues aren’t going to wait until business hours to occur. 


You Can Trust Pair’s Support Team

When you’re a Pair customer, you can bet that your web support experience will be fabulous. Why? Pair offers free, 24/7 hosting support. Additionally, all the support agents you’ll speak with are actual Pair employees, not associates from a contracted company. By being Pair employees, the tech support team offers a personal and fundamental knowledge of Pair’s specific products. Next, with Pair’s support, you won’t spend tons of time on the phone waiting for assistance. Instead, a highly-trained Pair professional support team member will quickly help you with your issue(s).  


Even more so, Pair treats its employees like gold, and this extra care goes a long way to providing a top-tier customer service experience. Pair is fully invested in its employees, offering high-quality training and benefits. Additionally, Pair offers continuous employee development, and employees are involved in providing high-stakes customer service.  


Why Not Give Pair a Try?

As you’ve read above, choosing a quality and trustworthy web host requires considering many things. You’ll need solid security, and you’ll want fair and transparent pricing/billing options. Additionally, continuous uptime is a must, and your site’s speed needs to be fast enough to provide your customers with a great experience and allow for higher SEO rankings. Lastly, your web host needs to offer you the top-tier technical support to ensure that your site stays up and running consistently.  


Pair meets and exceeds all of these requirements. If you’re interested in choosing a trustworthy, high-quality web host, contact Pair today.



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