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6 Skills for Launching Your WordPress Developer Career

We will briefly look at six skills to help you become a skilled WordPress developer. While some of these skills are geared toward junior WordPress developers, we think that any WordPress developer could benefit from these skills. Finally, we’ve also included learning resources (some free, some paid) that will help you along your journey. 

#1: HTML

HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language” and is responsible for giving meaning and structure to the text of a website. Unlike a programming language, HTML is used for site structure and not to build a website from the ground up. Additionally, WordPress is HTML-based. However, WordPress is built using PHP. Still, you put yourself at an advantage by learning HTML for use with WordPress. HTML allows a WordPress developer to add specialized tags (such as the rel=” nofollow” tag) or use specialized formatting. 

HTML is the basis for web pages. If you’re working with WordPress, HTML knowledge will only make your life easier. 


Resources for Learning HTML

The sites listed below can help you get started with learning HTML:

#2: CSS

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets.” The job of CSS is to handle the aesthetic part of websites (like color, design, presentation). While HTML takes a website’s content, CSS makes everything appealing to the human eye.  

There are three types of CSS sheets:

  • External
  • Internal
  • Inline

External sheets manage the appearance of multiple web pages. Internal sheets manage the look of a single web page, and inline sheets handle one design feature of a single page (like the color of a single block of text). 

CSS, like HTML, is the basis for web pages–including WordPress. You’ll need a firm handle on CSS to develop anything with WordPress. Finally, CSS is super important because it lets you tweak WordPress to look the way you want.  

Resources for Learning CSS

Are you interested in learning more about CSS? Feel free to check out the links below:

#3: JavaScript

 JavaScript is a scripting language that allows you to create dynamic web content. In other words, JavaScript helps you control HTML-based web pages after the pages reach a user’s browser. JavaScipt uses a browser to handle requests rather than sending the request back to a server. The benefit of using JavaScript is that the page won’t need to refresh. Additionally, JavaScript works closely with HTML and CSS. Together, these three languages create the “layers” of a website. 

 Some instances of JavaScript use are:

  • Content updates
  • Interactive maps
  • Animated 2D/3D graphics

JavaScript can be a bit tricky to learn, but there are benefits to learning JavaScript for use in WordPress development. Below are a few positive reasons to learn JavaScript:

JavaScript can help you better manage multiple WordPress sites

Where to Learn JavaScript

If you’re interested in learning more about JavaScript, we highly recommend the below links:

#4: PHP

Since PHP comprises the bulk of WordPress design, you can benefit from learning more about this programming language. Firstly, let’s start with defining PHP. An acronym for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” PHP is an open-source (free!) scripting language that’s great for web development and ideal for use with HTML. PHP excels in helping developers create dynamic websites.  

 Rather than being used to produce HTML output, PHP commands integrate directly with HTML. For this reason, PHP makes it easier to add website functionality. However, you should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript before starting PHP. 

How Learning PHP Helps You With WordPress Development

There are many pros to learning PHP. Here are a few reasons:

Resources for Learning PHP

Are you interested in learning more about PHP? The resources below are great places to start:

For more PHP tutorials (both free and paid), you can check out Kinsta.

Additional PHP Resources

If you’d like to learn more about PHP, you can start with the resources below:

#5: An Understanding of Web Design Fundamentals

A website is a primary way for a business to connect with customers and users. For this reason, web design is fundamental. Given that web design affects every aspect of how a website will function and how users will interact with your site, you should consider learning more about web design concepts.   

Here are a few essential aspects of web design that you should understand if you’re going to become a proficient WordPress developer:

#6: A Robust Understanding of WordPress

You might think that this skill is a given, but we figured we’d discuss in depth what it means to be comfortable with using WordPress. What do we mean by ‘understanding WordPress?” We refer to your ability to use and manipulate the WordPress design environment.  

Understanding the following elements is crucial to use and develop with WordPress properly:

The above knowledge items are only a few necessary items for becoming a qualified and effective WordPress developer. WordPress is extensive, and you can find tons of articles out there to help you learn more about WordPress development.  

In Closing . . .

There you have it: six skills to help you become a high-quality WordPress developer. The skills listed in this article are not the only ones that could help with your goal of becoming a WordPress developer. However, the skills and resources listed here can help you get started on your career journey. 

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