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Trends in Web Performance

Trends_WebPerformance 3

- Browsers are getting faster, and Internet connection speeds are getting better, but web pages are also getting bigger, making page speed best practices still relevant and important to adopt. Steve Souders, an expert on website performance, takes a look at trends in connection speed, browser performance, and website quality. He...

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Behind the Screen: Larry D., Customer Support Tech, Volunteer Fireman


- Learning more about what people do outside of work can often provide fascinating insight into what drives them at work, and, often, what makes them good at what they do. For nearly 10 years, Larry has been volunteering for the Library VFC, donating anywhere from 30-40 hours a month of...

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Media Queries & Responsive Design

MediaQueries 4

- Media queries are essential to designing responsive websites because they allow you to check for features of output devices and tailor the presentation of your site accordingly. By doing so, you can make your site respond to the end user’s device, and adjust such things as style, layout, navigation, and...

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Blue LED Inventors Receive Nobel Prize for White LED Revolution


- Since the mid 1990s, the use of efficient blue LEDs has been wide spread and most all of us have been exposed to it at some point. What we might not know is how this pivotal invention contributed to the evolution of the white LED lights and about the scientists...

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pair Networks Patches Servers Against POODLE Attack


- Earlier today, pair Networks patched its servers to protect against possible so-called “POODLE Attacks”. Ars Technica explains the nature of the theoretical attack as follows, “the attack allows a man-in-the-middle, such as a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot or a compromised ISP, to extract data from secure HTTP connections.” To learn more...

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SpaceX Rocket Delivers First 3D Printer to Space

3D_Printing 3

- It’s no mystery that 3D printing has made notable advances in a short period of time. As we recently shared on our blog, industry innovators are taking 3D printing to new heights with projects such as home construction. This latest development in 3D printing technology will take printing in the...

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Centering in CSS

Centering_CSS 3

- Centering things in CSS is surprisingly tricky. How you center elements depends on whether the element is an inline or block element, and whether you’re centering horizontally, vertically, or both. The following decision tree from can help you figure out how to center any element:

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pair Sponsors the 2nd Annual Clean Air Dash 5K


- Sunday was the perfect Autumn day for a run in support of a good cause. This race marked the 2nd annual Clean Air Dash 5k organized by the Group Against Smog and Pollution, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit with a focus on air quality and working for a healthy, sustainable environment. The...

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Servers Patched Against Shellshock Bug


- Shellshock is a security vulnerability recently discovered by a team working for the Red Hat Linux software company. Like the Heartbleed bug before it, the Shellshock bug is likely vastly distributed. Shortly after a patch was available yesterday, pair Networks patched its webservers. We’ll keep an eye out for updates,...

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Behind the Screen: Rob D., pairNIC Team Leader, Shoe Maker


- Some of you might be wondering “What’s a cordwainer?”. While the terminology might be something new to you, the practice certainly is not. Not to be mistaken for a cobbler, historically, a cordwainer is a shoemaker that specializes in fine soft leather shoes and other luxury footwear. This practice dates...

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