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Open Source Plugin Solutions for WordPress


- When it comes to enhancing the quality, look, and feel of your website, incorporating photos and high end imagery can add to your websites appeal. Editing your images for a professional, polished look is now made simple with some open source plugins for retouching WordPress images. Jenni McKinnon, author and...

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Food Technologists Developing Meals with 3-D Printers

3DFood 2

- Lately, 3-D printing technology seems to be making headlines in some of the most popular tech publications and culture/innovation articles. And, most recently, 3-D printing technology has taken an even more interesting turn towards the table, with the development of 3-D printed food for the military. “Army scientists have spent...

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Google Releases Open Source Icons

GoogleIcons 3

- Looking for modern, flat icons for your latest web project? Don’t want to pay much, or even any, money? Google just released hundreds of icons, available from GitHub at no cost! Gizmodo reports, “Just published to Github, there are 750 of the neatly designed icons. They’ll fit nicely in Android,...

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Media Wiki Formatting Reference

MediaWikis 3

- The pair Networks Software Installation Manager (pairSIM) offers a convenient way to get popular software onto your website. One of the packages offered through pairSIM is MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia and other wikis. MediaWiki’s particular style of markup language can be tricky to learn, but the MeidaWiki documentation offers...

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pair Networks Launches New Account Control Center


- We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Account Control Center (ACC). Some of the new, enhanced features include: Modern, clean design Better layout and navigation All-new favorites system Mobile-aware design and layout You can try out the new ACC by visiting or by visiting and clicking on...

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Trends in Web Performance

Trends_WebPerformance 3

- Browsers are getting faster, and Internet connection speeds are getting better, but web pages are also getting bigger, making page speed best practices still relevant and important to adopt. Steve Souders, an expert on website performance, takes a look at trends in connection speed, browser performance, and website quality. He...

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Behind the Screen: Larry D., Customer Support Tech, Volunteer Fireman


- Learning more about what people do outside of work can often provide fascinating insight into what drives them at work, and, often, what makes them good at what they do. For nearly 10 years, Larry has been volunteering for the Library VFC, donating anywhere from 30-40 hours a month of...

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Media Queries & Responsive Design

MediaQueries 4

- Media queries are essential to designing responsive websites because they allow you to check for features of output devices and tailor the presentation of your site accordingly. By doing so, you can make your site respond to the end user’s device, and adjust such things as style, layout, navigation, and...

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Blue LED Inventors Receive Nobel Prize for White LED Revolution


- Since the mid 1990s, the use of efficient blue LEDs has been wide spread and most all of us have been exposed to it at some point. What we might not know is how this pivotal invention contributed to the evolution of the white LED lights and about the scientists...

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pair Networks Patches Servers Against POODLE Attack


- Earlier today, pair Networks patched its servers to protect against possible so-called “POODLE Attacks”. Ars Technica explains the nature of the theoretical attack as follows, “the attack allows a man-in-the-middle, such as a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot or a compromised ISP, to extract data from secure HTTP connections.” To learn more...

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