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The Current State of Password Security


- pair Networks’ password policies support the creation of strong passwords. We allow arbitrarily long passwords and encourage the use of special characters. You can manage the passwords for your pair Networks services by visiting our Account Control Center. Bruce Schneier, an expert on information security, writes: “Pretty much anything that...

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pair Takes on Pedal PGH 2014


- Keeping up with some of our pairagons, the unofficial pair race team is a fast-paced business, literally. The pair race team founder and Customer Service Coordinator, Curt D. finished with an impressive time of 2 hours and 47 minutes at the 21st Annual Pedal PGH ride on Sunday. Go Curt!...

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HTML5 Semantic Elements


- HTML5 introduced many new elements, including an assortment of semantic elements, which are sectioning elements that contain additional meaning useful to machines and developers alike. “HTML5 has seen the introduction of a number of sectioning elements that can be used to mark up your web pages. Using these elements gives...

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Now Offering Hosting in Denver


- pair Networks is excited to now offer hosting through a secondary facility in Denver, Colorado. Customers purchasing Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers will now have the option to choose either the Denver or Pittsburgh datacenter when checking out, or when talking to pair Networks sales staff. The Denver datacenter...

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pair Sponsors the 2014 South Side Garden Tour


- As a proud resident of the Pittsburgh’s South Side, we were happy to lend our support of the 3rd Annual South Side Garden Tour. This self-guided tour allowed us to explore the South Side’s “Secret Gardens” tucked away like a hidden oasis in one of Pittsburgh’s densely populated urban neighborhoods....

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PAPA 17 Brings the World’s Pinball Champions to Pittsburgh


- This week marks the 17th annual Professional & Amateur Pinball Association’s World Championships tournament. PAPA 17 is the most competitive pinball event in the world, drawing in players and spectators from across the globe. The World Pinball Championships will attract more than a thousand pinball fans and players, bringing some...

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HTTPS and Google Search Rankings


- Google recently announced that it will give a small search result bump to sites that properly deliver content over HTTPS. The following Ars Technica article explains the benefits of encrypting Internet traffic: “TLS provides two major advantages over non-encrypted Internet traffic. First, by encrypting the data as it travels between...

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pair Race Team Places 3rd in the 2014 Pittsburgh Triathlon


- Earlier this month several pair Networks employees joined forces to compete in Pittsburgh’s 2014 Triathlon Adventure Race, placing 3rd in the competition. The “pairagons”, our unofficial pair race team, participated in the Sprint Triathlon Relay. The race included a 600M swim, 20K bike ride, and a 5K run to the...

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Accessible Design


- “Designing your website for universal accessibility is not just an opportunity to be socially responsible. No matter what your site’s purpose is, increasing your audience is probably a good thing. And as the American Foundation for the Blind says, “accessible websites tend to be better designed in general. Chances are,...

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How to Use the text-rendering CSS Property

text-rendering CSS

- Using the text-rendering CSS property can change the way your visitors using Firefox or Chrome see your site. When speed is not of paramount importance, using the optimizeLegibility property can improve the readability and usability of your site. The following Mozilla Developer Network articles goes into detail about what you...

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