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Creating an app for your business? In an age where about half of internet usage comes from mobile devices, having an app that can be easily accessed from a mobile device is an asset. Expand your company’s reach with a mobile application. However, once you have your app, you need a hosting solution that gives it enough power to run at its best.

finding a match for your app imageFinding a Match for Your App

Powerful apps are impressive, but they can also use a lot of server resources. So what resources do you need for your app? Well, that depends on some variables. Apps are varied and unique, which means their hosting needs will be as well.  We’ve suggested a hosting size for a medium size app, but if your app is larger or smaller, feel free to customize your server with our dedicated server configurator.


16 Cores/ 16 Threads 240 GB SSD 32 GB


The average app has a more robust setup, with more backend processes. It’s not a mammoth power user, but it definitely couldn’t function without a decent supply of power. It also has low to moderate concurrent traffic, thus needing more resources to sort out the occasional simultaneous requests.

your app your power imageYour App and Our Power

Pair your app up with a hosting solution that brings out the best in your app. With a package tailored to your apps needs, you can ensure that the app is always functioning at its greatest potential. Think the specs above are a perfect fit for your app? You can sign up for the app package here.


Whether you have a small app or a powerful mega-app, our dedicated servers can be configured to best suit your needs. Check out our dedicated server builder here to try your hand at designing a hosting solution for your app.

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