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Hacking Websites Is Still a Thing — Don’t Get Exploited!

  When it comes to hacking websites, notorious hackers provide stories that, in some cases, are impossible to believe.    But do!    The limits of the human mind are nonexistent when it comes to sleuthing the system. That’s why our goal is always to stay on our toes when keeping your website out of reach and super secure from meddling minds.   Take these three famous hackers: The Department of Justice called Kevin Mitnick the “most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history.” He was also one of the FBI’s Most Wanted after hacking into 40 major corporations.  Graham Ivan…

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Web Hosting

The Many Benefits of Paid Web Hosting

  It’s been said time and time again: you get what you pay for, and that’s definitely the case with web hosting, plus so much, much more. But what do you get, and what makes the best paid web hosting? You Can Choose Your Domain Name With free web hosting, your domain name is associated with the free web hosting service, i.e. “” With paid web hosting, your domain name is just that: “”   At Pair, you not only choose your own name, but you enjoy advantages like pricing — we offer the quintessential $8 .com, which is often…

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