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Wordfence for Beginners

Keeping your WordPress website secure should be a top priority. After putting in all that work to design, promote, and launch your WordPress site, you don’t want to lose all of your content in an attack. A simple way to protect your WP site is with the Wordfence security plugin. 

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How Dedicated, Shared, and Parked Domains Relate to IP Addresses

What are IP Addresses? IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses are used to identify different computers and devices on the internet. It’s like an home address – the internet uses IP addresses to locate and transfer data to and from places. IP addresses are usually a bunch of letters and periods, like While this is easy for a computer to understand and compute, we humans have a much harder time remembering a jumble of numbers. That’s why we’ve tied domain names to IP addresses. It’s much easier to remember than it is to remember That’s one of the reasons…

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Back that Site Up: A Backup Guide through the ACC

It’s important to ensure that you always have copies of your files and to understand how to generate your own backups to avoid losing potentially valuable information. Backups can be useful to recover files in the case of accidental deletion, to revert a site to a previous version if changes don’t work out as planned, or to restore a site after data loss. A Backup Guide for Your Site While pair Networks does keep backups of each server’s hard drive, they are only for restoration of an entire server after a drive failure. They cannot be used to restore individual…

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Lock it Down: How to Keep Your Site Secure

In an era where websites are compromised by malicious software all the time, one of the most common security questions is ‘How do I help protect my site from hackers?’ Although it can seem daunting, there are plenty of steps you can take to help keep your site secure. How to Keep Your Site Secure Keep it Fresh Always keep your platforms (like WordPress, Drupal, etc.) and their associated plugins up to date with the latest versions. Having outdated software is one of the easiest ways for malware to break into your site. Think of an old version of WordPress…

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5 Security Tips for WordPress Beginners

Why Worry About Security? Security is an important part to consider when setting up a website. You’ve probably heard about a high profile security breach or attack in the recent past, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that cybercrime only happens to big companies with big assets. But any site can become a victim of cybercrime and it’s important to take steps to reduce your site’s vulnerability. We’ve compiled five security tips for all you beginners out there who want to create a site and keep it secure, too. #1 Keep Site Up-to-Date Keeping your site…

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We’re Changing the Sites with SSL to Default to HTTPS

With the recent SSL changes to the web, we’ve made it easier to obtain and install SSL certificates on your hosting account. There’s a new SSL interface where you can buy a yearly SSL certificate or enable Let’s Encrypt, a free, open-source SSL alternative. While in the midst of buying, enabling, and installing your SSL certificate, it’s easy to forget to make sure your site serves over HTTPS instead of HTTP. So on April 25th, we’re going to start automatically switching your sites to serve over HTTPS if you have an SSL certificate. HTTP vs HTTPS: A Quick Summary HTTP…

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What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate can be installed on your site to create an encrypted link to your visitors. This helps keep information from being stolen during transit between the browser and server. In a world with rising cyber crime, you can never be too careful with your online presence. An SSL certificate also authenticates that your company is associated with your domain, thus giving visitors peace of mind when they land on your site. Visitors will know your site is secured by the lock icon in browser URL field. It is commonly believed that you only need an SSL certificate if…

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All About SSL Certificates

What is An SSL Certificate? At pair Networks, we are often asked, “what is an SSL Certificate and why do I need one?” An SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, Certificate encrypts information moving between your web server and internet browser. You can think of it like this –

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Top 5 Infamous Hackers
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Top 5 Most Infamous Hackers of All Time

  Who are these Infamous Hackers? And what do they want? When you think of a hacker, most people imagine a lonesome figure aglow by a single computer screen, frantically typing some matrix-like script in an anonymous subterranean basement. But Hackers and their motives are as varied and broad as ‘hacking’ itself.

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Securing WordPress
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Securing WordPress Sites

When performing a self-installation of WordPress, there are easy steps that can be taken to help protect against an attack.  Many of the cases our Abuse Department deals with on a daily basis are the result of malicious WordPress attacks. Securing WordPress will make it much harder for malware to gain access.

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