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8 Quotes on the Power of Combining Social Media and SEO

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8 tips and quotes on combining social media and seo
Your website has to compete with millions of other websites for web traffic. How can you use SEO and social media to increase your traffic and stand out from the rest? We asked the experts for you! Check out these tips on how a combination of SEO and social media can help you promote your website effectively.

content calendars are key

“My top tip would be that’s it always vital to produce content your community want to consume. Don’t presume that you know everything about your audience – take the time to do the research and don’t be afraid to ask your community directly! This could be in the form of Twitter and Instagram Story polls, encouraging people to simply comment on a Facebook post or just like you guys have done reached out to your community and ask for their opinions and advise.

“Once you have an understanding of the content they’d love to interact with, plan it out. Content calendars are key – not only for planning purposes, but they allow you to create the space in your schedule to react to any trending topics or breaking news.

“Lastly, monitor monitor monitor! Social media is a science so it’s vital to keep on top of your results to see which content gains the most engagement and calls to action. By monitoring consistently you can then tweak and edit when needed and most importantly learn how your community interacts with your brand online.” 

– Fay Schofield @Fayscho

social media is crucial for growth

“In my opinion, using various social media platforms is crucial for growth because it gives SEO experts clarification on the latest SEO trends and the best implementation practices you may otherwise not be exposed to with your own client base. With chats, like SEMRushChat and SEOChat, I’m able to keep up with the ever changing trends and learn from others how to tackle them in real life practice. Plus, it’s given me a community that I trust to reach out to when I hit a wall.”

– Maddie Clark @MaddieClarkSEM

listen to your audience

“You must listen to what your audience is chatting about and respond in a timely manner. You also provide value to them because when you do, they will naturally share it with their own audience and that can indirectly boost your SEO.”

– Cheval John, Social Media Professional @chevd80

focus on user intent

“My biggest SEO tip is to focus on user intent. It can be easy to try and focus on finding keywords with a low KV to try and outdo your competition but you need to always keep the user in mind.

“Use the keywords they’re using in their search otherwise your customers won’t be able to find you. Ranking #1 for a keyword won’t matter if you’re not giving the user what they need. Social Media is a great compliment to SEO because of how algorithms work. Each platform is unique and you need to play to its strengths.”

– Lauren from G2 @G2Lauren

Increase social engagement

“LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms in terms of reaching your target audience. Your connections are most likely connected with people of similar interests/industry experience, therefore if you get a great piece of content on there with relevant hashtags or a CTA, people who like/comment/share will notify their connections about your post – leading to a chain of relevant exposure.

“Not to mention that a strong SEO factor is social engagement, so the more likes/shares/comments you have, the better your chances of ranking higher.”

– Itamar Blauer @ItamarBlauer

consider the channel

“Always look at the channel and its objective. People use the web to answer questions, and they use social to chat. When you create the engagement and capture the audience through solution-based content, you will get people sharing your posts and landing pages. When you create valuable content, your readers will naturally share it through other channels, thereby increasing ranking potential for that page’s content.”

– Ashley G. Schweigert @A_Schweigert

don't waste money

“You don’t need expensive tools to craft a really great campaign. Some common sense and free tools like Google’s auto-suggest, PAA’s, or related searches can uncover some incredible content opportunities. Also, don’t forget Google Trends or Facebook Audience Insights—these can be wellsprings for topics that are all driven by user-intent.”

– Brian Kato @katobkato

provide quality content

“By providing quality content, relevant to the reader above and beyond selling to them, social media followers will be more likely to interact with the page, thus improving your “footprint” in search engines. The content must also be published on a consistent basis.”

– Aaron Baer @baerpm 



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