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Hosting Your E-Commerce Site

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ecommerce header imageHosting Your Large E-Commerce Site

An e-commerce site can be lucrative and rewarding. Not only does it potentially line you up for some great returns, but it also puts your products out on the market for the world to see (and buy). We know your large e-commerce site is important to you, so we’ve put together some information about what your e-commerce site needs when it starts to outgrow its current hosting plan.  

championing imageChampioning Your E-Commerce Site

Large e-commerce sites draw in a lot of traffic and handle large batches of transactions. The hosting server needs to have enough CPU and RAM to support this type of usage. Lacking either of these resources will result in slow connections and possibly network timeouts. Giving your site enough CPU and RAM will allow for connections and page loads to be made quickly. A snappy site is desired among shoppers, so make sure you have the resources your site needs.

We’ve made some recommendations about what resources the stereotypical large e-commerce site may require. However, every site is different so you will need to evaluate your own website and decide what resources your site requires. That being said, if you’re at a loss where to start, these recommendations are a good starting point when evaluating your own site.

Large E-Commerce Site

Large e-commerce sites pull in a lot of traffic. This traffic zips around your pages, requiring a serious resource commitment to keep all the pages loading smoothly. For this reason, we recommend one of our servers with a more substantial amount of CPU and RAM.

CPU and RAM will need to grow with your traffic. If your traffic increases, you should also increase your CPU and RAM. We’ve included a drive space estimate based on how large the average e-commerce site is. However, this varies by site, so be sure to find the size that best fits your situation.


Drive RAM
20 Cores/ 40 Threads 240 GB SSD

32 GB

If you think these specs are a good match for your site, you can sign up for the E-Commerce site package here.

large ecommerce imageGiving Your E-Commerce Site What it Needs

You want your e-commerce site to run at its best and, in order to do that, you need to have reliable resources that you can depend on. We understand that every site is built differently, which is why we have created the Dedicated Server Builder. You can choose the amount and type of resources your website needs to run at its optimal level.

Not sure what resources you need? No problem! Just contact our Sales team, and they will walk you through what specifications best fit your site. Not only do you get a custom server designed precisely for your needs, but you also get the support that comes with it. Server support is 24/7, so we’re always available to help you with questions or problems that need solving. footer image

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