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Why Experienced Hosting Matters

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Why experienced hosting matters


New hosting providers become available every day. Many offer “too good to be true” discounts or pricing for website hosting packages. While tempting from a financial standpoint, cost should only be one consideration when choosing a website host. A short-term discount can’t compete with the advantages of choosing an experienced website hosting provider.

Your Host Impacts Your SEO and SERP

Consistent quality content, good user experience, and steady traffic provide a reliable source of information for search engines to be able to rank your website. An experienced website host has dedicated years to procuring state of the art hardware to provide rapid website loading time. Website visitors are more likely to remain on a website page that loads fast. The time required for your website to load is factored into SERP (search engine results page) performance.

Your website’s SERP performance is also directly related to SEO. SEO involves using metadata, keywords, readability, and the number of links from other websites. The number of website visitors, and how long the visitors remain on your website also affect your SERP.

Whether your website is being visited by a person or a bot, an experienced host with reliable uptime has a positive impact on your SERP. After investing countless hours to optimize your content for search engines, your site has to be available to obtain the best results. Choosing an experienced web host with reliable uptime supports your SEO efforts.  

Experienced Hosts Support Your Ability to Scale

All hosting offers are not created equal. It’s tempting to choose a web host based on price for your online business needs, especially when you’re starting a new business. An experienced host is well versed in the needs of different industries, and able to scale your business up or down with little to no interruption to your website visitors. You’ll also have various packages to choose from to meet your business needs as you grow or scale back.

Let’s imagine you’re a prom dress boutique. Your website traffic from January to May will be drastically different from June to December. A Christmas decor specialist will require more support from September to December. A winter basketball league will require less support from April to September. In addition to reliable uptime, with an experienced host, you will have a reliable source for expert information on when to upgrade or downgrade based on your website traffic patterns.

Experienced Web Hosts Maintain Reliable Uptime and Speed

An experienced web host has a proven history of maintaining reliable uptime and delivering exceptional transfer speeds by choosing the best hardware for performance. You’re offered an optimized hosting environment built using the best software for security, function, and performance. When your website is equipped with reliable uptime your website is available to visitors when it really matters. Generating revenue is easier with a stable platform hosting your website.

Experienced Technical Support

An experienced web host has invested time and money in creating a robust support environment. Seasoned technicians and subject matter experts are able to build a knowledge base, and video tutorial library based on years of customer interaction. For example, when you choose pair Networks you gain access to a support team with:

  • Career website hosting support technicians with an average of 9 years at pair Networks
  • Extensive “hands-on” experience with pair Networks hosting platform and ACC best practices
  • Detailed expertise with popular and niche CMSs used with pair Networks hosting environment.  For example:
    • WordPress savvy support technicians
    • Shopsite specialists with ten years or more tenure  
    • Website security specialists

Experienced Hosts Maintain a Secure Hosting Environment

An industry trailblazer with decades of web hosting experienced has invested countless hours and millions of dollars in maintaining a secure hosting environment. An experienced web host provides a proprietary website management dashboard. pair Networks uses the custom-built ACC to provide less vulnerability than 3rd party platforms with known weaknesses.

Experienced web hosts have well-researched practices in place to block server level attacks. They’ve invested in providing a secure server environment that prevents server level hacking. Knowledgeable in-house support technicians keep accounts secure and clean accounts hacked from the website level.

You Should Choose an Experienced Web Host

Your website was built to reach an audience. Improving organic and paid SEO efforts and SERP ranking is a perk of working with an experienced website host. Another bonus of choosing an experienced web host is a proven online business partner able to scale your account according to your unique business need. Access to seasoned support technicians, proven reliable uptime, industry-leading load speed, and a record of maintaining a secure hosting environment are benefits of choosing a web hosting industry veteran.

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