ACC vs cPanel

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ACC vs cPanel


When you partner with pair Networks for your website hosting needs you sign into the custom-built Account Control Center most commonly referred to as the ACC. The ACC is the dashboard for account management for all pair Networks account holders. Resellers and website hosting clients access all account information in one central location.

Inside the ACC you’re able to access and monitor website hosting needs for all account types. Whether you’re a hobbyist sharing your passion for plants and animals or website developer reselling hosting to thousands of clients you’ll manage your website using the ACC. When you want to update, change, upgrade, and maintain the backend of your website or reseller account you access everything you need inside the ACC.

List of features managed inside the ACC:

  • Email
  • SSL
  • Software Installs Such as WordPress
  • Backups
  • Domains
  • Files
  • Databases
  • Logs
  • Stats

These are the same features accessed through 3rd party hosting platform cPanel. cPanel customers who resell hosting to clients and need advanced access to service a client’s account must use an additional platform for web hosting management. While used by many website hosts support tickets are prioritized based on account type and revenue generated.



You can complete most email setting preferences in as few as three clicks. In the ACC, you can set up your custom email address, create new email, and new recipes to keep your inbox organized all-in-one place. You’re also able to manage your junk e-mail filter settings.


With the implementation of penalties by Google for leaving your website unprotected, SSL certificates have become a necessity. ACC is where you’ll enable Let’s Encrypt or purchase a certificate from pair Networks to protect your website visitors. SSL protection secures your website, domain names, and email all accessed inside the ACC.


Everything you need to organize, secure, and manage your files is found in the ACC. You’ll find your ‘home’, ‘web’, ‘logs’, and ‘ftp’ file access in one place. Backing up your data is also done in the same space.


Registering a new domain for a spin-off business or foundation? No need to login to, you can purchase a new domain inside of the ACC. You’re also able to manage existing domains, and transfer your domains from your previous registrar.  

Everything in One Place

Need to update your software using the one-click software installation manager? Log in to the ACC. Want to manage your database? Log in to the ACC. Monitor your site statistics, check your invoices, contact support, and manage cron jobs – all in the ACC.

ACC For Resellers

pair Networks resellers are able to manage website client hosting accounts using the Reseller level ACC. The Reseller ACC provides access to manage the accounts for website hosting clients. As the Reseller, you’re able to manage your websites as well as accounts owned by your clients. You’re able to manage all the backend needs for your clients, with the exception of billing. Clients for pair Networks pay the reseller directly. Billing account management for your reseller hosting account is paid to pair Networks using the Reseller ACC with all discounts for your hosting applied to your invoice.

Secure Environment

pair Networks website hosting clients use the ACC to manage the backend of your website in a secure environment. The Account Control Center is a proprietary software custom built for use with pair Networks hosting environment. Using a proprietary account control center provides an additional layer of protection from massive 3rd party vulnerabilities without sacrificing functionality.

Direct Access to Support

All pair Networks website hosting clients have direct access to the knowledge base, tutorials and technical support inside of the ACC. As a pair Networks website hosting client any problems you experience with the ACC is reported directly to the technicians who’ll assist you. Problems with your website hosting and Account Control Center are corrected by pair Networks support technicians because pair Networks built the ACC.

Choosing to host your website with a hosting company employing a custom built Account Control Center provides a quicker resolution for technical issues. You have access to best practices, documentation, and updates from the engineers who created the ACC. Whether you’re a pair Networks website hosting client or pair Networks reseller you have one-click access to support technicians at all times inside ACC. You’ll also have access to all support tickets, open or closed, in one central location.

ACC vs cPanel Conclusion

As a pair Networks hosting customer, when you use the ACC you’re receiving access to proprietary software built for the pair Networks hosting environment. Access to all of the features you need including; email management, file maintenance, and billing in one place. Using the ACC provides a secure space for users and resellers to host accounts without vulnerabilities associated with using a 3rd party management software. The ACC provides one system for the life cycle of your website hosting relationship.

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