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Write Your Online Business Plan: Solution Distinction

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National Write a Business Plan Month Series

Write Your Online Business Plan

How is Your Solution Distinctive

Your website offers a solution to your website visitors’ problems they’re unable to find anywhere else online. Website visitors will find you based on how you describe your solution to their need. Describing your solution is the first step to distinguishing yourself. Visitors want to know how your solution is different- from the website name you choose- to the services you make available.

Distinguishing Your Solution

Show your readers how your solution is different from others in your niche with a unique brand name, logo, and mission. Create a document that describes how your solution is different from what is already available. Give a short, easy-to-understand explanation for why you alleviate pain points not currently addressed by other providers online and offline. Write down all the reasons a potential client should purchase your product, service, or make you their new favorite blog in your niche.  Make a bulleted list of one- or two-word phrases that describe why your solution is unique.

Research and Secure Your Domain

Your website is the first way you distinguish yourself from others in your industry. Your domain name is a big part of your online company’s success. Now is the time to research available names and secure the .com domain that will best serve you and your future website visitors. Keep your website name easy to remember and as short as possible. When including the industry or subject matter in your name, consider something close to the topic matter, but not an exact match.


Create a Content Strategy

Now is a great time to decide what type of content you’ll be sharing with your readers. Everything you do is done to entertain, educate, or inspire your readers up to the point of sale. If you’re not selling any products, your content is the product and must provide a benefit to each reader. First step to a great content strategy is choosing a content type:

  • Words
  • Images
  • Video
  • Gifs
  • Audio
  • Some of the above
  • All of the above
    • If you’re using all of these content types, when will you use them?
    • Which content type will be best to showcase your unique solution to website visitors?


Position Your Product

Once you have your website visitors’ attention be sure to make finding what you offer easy for them. For a traditional website, this will be done using a product or services page. If you’re launching an e-commerce website this will be done by creating a category for each product type available for purchase.

If your new online business is a blog each post is your product. You’ll be shaping your brand with every new post. Each post will reinforce your mission by entertaining, educating, or inspiring your reader. Using one, some, or all of the content types above, you’ll build trust, rapport, and an expectation to continue providing content they’ll enjoy.


Each website visitor accessing your website has a need. Your product must be positioned to show how what you offer is unique. You’ve written down how your solution is different from other options online. Your memorable domain name has been secured. A high-level strategy for sharing how you’re different is complete. All of this information is necessary to design and build your successful online business.


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