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Centering in CSS

Centering_CSS 3

- Centering things in CSS is surprisingly tricky. How you center elements depends on whether the element is an inline or block element, and whether you’re centering horizontally, vertically, or both. The following decision tree from can help you figure out how to center any element:

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pair Sponsors the 2nd Annual Clean Air Dash 5K


- Sunday was the perfect Autumn day for a run in support of a good cause. This race marked the 2nd annual Clean Air Dash 5k organized by the Group Against Smog and Pollution, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit with a focus on air quality and working for a healthy, sustainable environment. The...

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Servers Patched Against Shellshock Bug


- Shellshock is a security vulnerability recently discovered by a team working for the Red Hat Linux software company. Like the Heartbleed bug before it, the Shellshock bug is likely vastly distributed. Shortly after a patch was available yesterday, pair Networks patched its webservers. We’ll keep an eye out for updates,...

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Behind the Screen: Rob D., pairNIC Team Leader, Shoe Maker


- Some of you might be wondering “What’s a cordwainer?”. While the terminology might be something new to you, the practice certainly is not. Not to be mistaken for a cobbler, historically, a cordwainer is a shoemaker that specializes in fine soft leather shoes and other luxury footwear. This practice dates...

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Best Practices for Making Web Pages Fast


- There are many best practices to consider when building your website for speed. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at specific practices that can improve your website’s performance. We wanted to kick off the series by pointing to a classic Yahoo Developer Network article that serves...

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Tips for Router Placement


- Physics PhD student Jason Cole started modeling the ideal placement of a home wifi router. Not surprisingly, all things being equal, the best position for your router is right in the middle of your house. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible for a variety of reasons, which is why “he modified...

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Speeding Up Your Site with CSS Sprites


- HTTP 2.0 is in development, but for now, most browsers and user agents make HTTP requests using the recommendations from HTTP 1.1, including the recommended limits on the number of simultaneous server requests. For webpages with multiple, unique images that need to be downloaded, the number of HTTP requests required...

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How to Find Official Brand Assets


- Your site may require you to use the logos and assets of other companies, especially for things like social media links and commercial site links. When using the assets of other companies on your site, it’s important to respect the brand guidelines that those companies establish. It’s also always important...

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The Future of 3d Printed Homes


- 3d printing has come far in just a short time, so far in fact that one man has just completed the 3d printing of a castle, and is looking to 3d print an entire house. explains: “One man, who we have been following for several months now, wants to...

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