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Do Freelancers on LinkedIn Still Need a Website?

Do Freelancers on LinkedIn Still Need a Website? post thumbnail image

Do Freelancers on LinkedIn Still Need a Website?

Yes. Freelancers using LinkedIn and other online networking services need a website.

Why do Freelancers on LinkedIn Need a Website?

You look more professional. Having your own website helps you establish your E-A-T – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness – rating with Google and other search engines.

Your website should be the first search engine result when someone looks up your name.

Owning your domain gives you more control of your online reputation. Your website can also provide a secure space to receive payment and create a distraction-free experience for your current and future clients.

Having Your Own Website as a Freelancer Makes You Look More Professional.

After finding your profile on LinkedIn, the next step for a person interested in working with you is to Google your name. When your LinkedIn profile is the only place to find information about your freelance services, you’re missing an opportunity to stand out from other consultants in your field. You control the look, feel, and layout for your custom domain freelance website. The colors you choose and the “feel” of your website gives clients more insight into who you are in a way that isn’t possible with your LinkedIn profile. Building a distinct brand makes you look more professional and can make you more memorable.

Having Your Own Custom Domain as a Freelancer Makes You Look More Professional

Sending clients to your own custom domain website looks more professional than a third party platform. When you secure a custom domain name with pair Domains you can set up your custom email address. Providing a custom domain email address to clients looks much more professional than a free email address. Your .com from pair Domains also includes a user-friendly website builder to help you build your freelance website as quickly as possible.

Having Your Own Website Helps You Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

What is an E-A-T rating? Google ranks a website based on the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of providing accurate content about the subject matter. Without a custom domain website, your LinkedIn profile may be the first search engine page result. This means Google has decided your LinkedIn profile has the most expertise, authority, and is the most trusted source for information about you on the internet. A custom domain website can help you establish your site as having the most expertise, authority, and trustworthiness about you as a professional.

Expertise and Authority

Having a website you own can also increase your recognition as a recognized expert in your local area. For the millions of individuals who have decided not to join social media, having your own website gives them access to information that LinkedIn only shares with members. In addition to making your information available outside of the “gated online community,” you have more control over your brand. You can summarize your expertise using more than the 2000 words reserved for summaries on LinkedIn. On your website, you can choose to replace the summary with a video or some other media that showcases your personality and works better than text.  

Everything on your website makes a statement about who you are to potential clients. Whether you’re in the design industry or an accountant, you can control how you introduce yourself to website visitors. Your personality can shine through using more than a profile picture and header.  LinkedIn restricts the file types and size you can upload to your portfolio. You decide the file size and type that is displayed on your website.


Your website offers more opportunities to establish trust with your potential clients. Video testimonials, audio case studies, and client reviews can be displayed on your website to help establish trust with website visitors. Having your own website also makes it possible for satisfied clients to refer business to you without going through third-party job boards. People are more likely to do business with someone they trust.  

Your Website Should be the First Search Engine Result for Your Name

Your website gives you more control over what potential clients find about you on the internet. When you choose a website builder like WordPress or Weebly you can optimize your website to be found by local businesses and brands that aren’t on LinkedIn. Having your own website can help you stand out from the crowd of freelancers who don’t invest the time in their business to create a website.

Secure Your Brand as a Freelancer

Creating a professional website gives you control of your potential clients and current client’s experience. You can receive payments directly from customers. You decide which secure payment options to use based on your clients’ preference. Your clients may prefer to pay in cash, using a mobile app, stripe or an industry standard option not available on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. Your website provides a distraction-free user experience. Visitors to your website won’t be receiving notifications about inbox messages, trending articles unrelated to your services, or bids from other freelancers.  

Freelancers on LinkedIn, UpWork, Freelancer, and Forlancer Still Need a Website.

Building your freelance clientele using social networks and job boards is a proven strategy for launching your business. Having a professionally branded personal website is an important part of your brand as a freelancer. Your website is more than a digital brochure or online business card. Potential and current clients researching you want to know what kind of experience they’ll have if they hire you. Show your professional expertise, establish your authority, and build trust with an online presence you control as you build your reputation as a freelancer.

Begin building your freelance website when you purchase your new .com for only $4 from pair domains.

Benefits of having a website as a freelancer.

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