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How to Get SSL Free

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Get Free SSL for Your Website

How to Get Free SSL

As a website owner you want to achieve the best possible SERP ranking, but you’re not sure where to start. The Internet has been abuzz with the need for an encrypted browsing experience ever since Google announced changes to displaying websites without ‘https’ early 2017.  What is SSL? Do you need SSL even if you don’t sell anything on your website? How do you access free SSL?

What is SSL?

The simple explanation is that SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This secure socket layer creates a privacy tunnel. The tunnel or SSL is the encrypted “conversation” between the server and the website to protect the privacy of the website visitors. For a more in-depth explanation read our SSL certificate guide.

Why Do You Need SSL?

Your website visitors deserve a safe online experience. When you secure your website with SSL certification you protect your website visitors’ information. Protecting your website visitors’ information also protects your website and your brand’s reputation. When you provide SSL protection for your website, you’re also protecting SERP (search engine results page) of your website in Google’s search engine. SSL is also able to provide financial protection when purchased.

How Do You Know Which Kind of SSL You Need?

Whether you own a blog, graphic design portfolio, e-commerce site, or online magazine SSL encryption is a necessity. The kind of SSL you need is based on how your website accepts user information. Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL certificate used to protect basic website visitor information and for pair Networks customers is enabled using the ACC.

E-commerce websites, magazines accepting subscriptions, and service providers accepting payments offered in packages should select guaranteed protection. Any website capturing or storing sensitive information (identifiable customer information) is better protected with a paid certificate that offers a warranty.

Let’s Encrypt basic website visitor information protection is sufficient for read-only websites. This is suitable to protect login and basic demographic information users enter on a free membership website. For e-commerce beginners Let’s Encrypt is also acceptable when a 3rd party payment gateway, like PayPal, is used to receive payment.

When Should You Use Paid SSL?

If your website accepts and stores sensitive member information paid SSL certification provides an extra layer of protection. When you accept payments on your website using a native payment processor a free SSL certificate provides basic protection without a warranty. Paid SSL certificates available from pair Networks provide warranty from $10,000 to $250,000.

How to Get Free SSL

If you’re not a pair Networks client you can force install SSL on your website using .htaccess. pair Networks customers enable Let’s Encrypt using the ACC. A detailed guide for using Let’s Encrypt is available in the knowledge base.

How to Get SSL with a Warranty

Enabling SSL with a warranty is simple. Choose the level of paid certification you need to protect your business and website visitors. pair Networks clients have access to purchase and enable SSL with warranty inside the ACC. You can check out the paid SSL options before you sign up on

Why You Need to Use SSL Today

SSL certificates are a necessity for a more “secure and privacy-respecting Web”. Having your site delivered over a secure domain helps you retain and establish trust with website visitors. Enabling SSL on your website also protects your website visitors’ information and your websites hard earned SERP. For pair Networks customers you can get free SSL on your website today with a few clicks of your mouse inside the ACC. Be sure to check out this simple guide on what to do next once you enable SSL on your website.

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