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Web Hosting

What Kind of Web Hosting Is Right For You?

Looking at getting your business on the web or upgrading to another level of web hosting? Simply want to enter the internet space as an individual with a blog or a service to sell? Where do you start? What’s the right fit? What level of web hosting suits your needs? We’ve put together this easy guide on determining whether Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting is right for you.    Shared Web Hosting Most people choose shared web hosting to start, which, as its name indicates, means you are sharing a server with other websites. It is least expensive…

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Security, SSL Certificates

An Introduction to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates — a Website Must 

  Ever wonder how websites help keep hackers from stealing private information, like your credit card number or passwords? The answer: SSL.  SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that protects the connection between your site and the visitor. When a visitor logs in or makes purchases on your site, the client (such as a browser) sends information to your website’s server. This information can be vulnerable while traveling, making this the opportune time for hackers to strike. However, using SSL can secure the channel between client and server, making hacking much harder to pull off.  To incorporate SSL…

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