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What You Need to Know about Website Malware

  As you may know, many types of website malware exist — millions. They are meant to cause untold chaos and damage by their very nature. Malware can either hit and destroy or can lay dormant until activated. And it doesn’t discriminate. Your aunt’s blog is as vulnerable as a large national retailer. Worse, your reputation, traffic, and income will likely suffer if your website is infected. And, it’s not just a problem for the webmaster. Malicious code attempts to infect the computers of site visitors also. Suspicious activity or signs of website malware make your site appear untrustworthy, damaging…

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2022 Malware Survival Guide

“Malicious” + “Software” = Malware Malware is essentially the same as a human virus. It’s an umbrella term for malicious or intrusive software that a computer can catch from an outside source; it is any file, software, etc., that is intended to hurt a computer or user.   Malware can take over a computer and make it do things the user may not want it to do, such as sending spam mail, stealing sensitive information, spreading the malware to other computers, etc.   Some sources estimate that in 2022, malware now exceeds the number of legitimate programs available online. Microsoft,…

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Secure Your Hosting Account in 2022

Why Security Matters The virtual world is booming, but so is the darker underside of the internet. Various hacks have made news this past year, and it’s likely only going to get worse.  Websites aren’t immune to these attacks. In fact, they’re increasingly vulnerable since they live in virtual space.  So how do you protect your website in a world where hacks are getting more sophisticated? We have a few tips:  Turn on Malware Scanning Malware can be incredibly disruptive to websites. It can result in site defacement, stolen information, and more.  Plus, it’s stealthy. You won’t always know you…

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