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The Benefits of Blogging

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If you enjoy writing and sharing information with other people, then you’ve probably considered (at least, at one point) creating a blog.  Don’t worry–you aren’t alone, and your idea is perfectly viable.  The hardest part about creating a blog is knowing where to start.  

Let’s start off with the base layer:  why create a blog in the first place?  Sure, you may enjoy writing for writing’s sake, but did you know that blogging can majorly benefit your business?  Put your ‘way with words’ to good use–making money for you!  Learn how you can use content creation to drive and to deliver exceptional results.

Why You Should Blog

So, how can blog help your site and your business?  Blogging offers numerous possibilities for improving your business prospects! 

Direct Traffic to Your Site

Since publishing new blog posts creates new indexed pages on your site, you subsequently create more pages that can show up in Google’s search results.  More pages in the search results means more potential leads for you.  

Create Sweet, Sweet Leads

So, you’ve got a new blog post.  Now, you can reap the benefits of catching your readers’ attention and generating more business.  How?  You can place a call to action (CTA) in each new blog post.  The goal of a CTA is for the user to engage with the CTA and to provide their contact information in an effort to continue a business relationship with your brand.  You can then foster this relationship by sending engaging and interesting content.

Granted, not everyone who reads your blog will become a customer.  However, creating blog content with CTAs can greatly increase your chances of getting additional customers.

Reap Perpetual Rewards

By consistently creating quality content, you emphasize your brand’s expertise on your subject matter.    When potential customers trust your subject matter knowledge, they are more likely to trust you as a business provider.

Build SEO Cred By Building Links

Creating inbound/backlinks is incredibly important to your site’s SEO success.  Such links are connections between your site and another site and serve as a means of recommending quality content.  In short, the more backlinks you have, the more credibility your site obtains and the higher your site’s SEO ranking. 

You’re Making a Valuable Long Term Investment

Once you have created your blog post, you have invested in a consistent strategy for driving traffic to your site.  As soon as your blog page starts ranking, you’ve created continuous potential lead generation.

Blogging Makes Good Business Sense

Creating a successful blog is a great business move.  By combining your content with smart SEO strategy, you can give your business a great boost.  Check out Part II of our series to learn how to create a successful blog!