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pair Networks Think We're Like National Introvert Week Post

pair Networks powered by Introvert Magic

The year was 1995, an inquisitive introvert needed an internet hosting company. This introvert searched high and low for a service provider to meet his needs. When this web hosting service provider couldn’t be found, he decided to solve the problem by launching a hosting company. Using his introvert superpowers of research, thoroughness, preparation, and laser focus in 1996 pair Networks hung a virtual shingle out for other online pioneers searching for a home on the “Wild Wild Web.”

Introvert Oasis

Fast forward twenty-two years to the south side of Pittsburgh and you’ll find an introvert oasis. A “quiet revolution” of diligent workers bobbing their heads to the beat of playlists ranging from electric jazz to old rock to 90s hip hop as they tackle the tasks of the day. Co-workers welcome hello nods as they pass one another in the hallway en route to striking a line through another item on the to-do list. Small talk is nonexistent during meetings and company lunches but not missed.

You may, however, overhear in-depth discussions about a great read, new or old quirky Netflix series, or blissfully challenging DIY project during team building experiences. Expressions of exuberance about intellectually stimulating activities are as commonplace as celebrating a win for the Steelers, Penguins, or Pirates. On any given day you may find a lone #pairCrew member or two enjoying an encouraged stroll around the grounds.

Work-life balance and workplace wellness are encouraged. Input into new features, product upgrades, and how to fix known problems are welcomed. Systems are put in place to make them all work as efficiently as possible. Trends are acknowledged, monitored, and tested for long-term reliability and viability before implementation for internal processes and customer-facing solutions. Jumping on the social media bandwagon to be the “star of the show” was attempted, deemed ineffective, and quickly eschewed. Determined to meet the current expectation for transparency in the marketplace led to a plan to share our company culture in a way that respects the unique mix of our predominantly introverted workforce.

Technical Support Powered by Introvert Magic

Many confuse reclusion with introversion. While introverts are perfectly happy being alone without becoming lonely, it doesn’t mean we dislike people. Quiet Revolution by Susan Cain, Awakened Introvert by Arnie Kozak, and Introvert Power by Laurie Helgee are several books explaining the strengths of introverts. The majority of our technical support team identify as introverts. When you read comments from current customers on Facebook and visit our Instagram you’ll see feedback from customers who appreciate the superb customer service they receive. Most of our customers’ feedback mention at least one strength attributed to being an introvert.

“Very satisfied. The customer service person who assisted me was polite, courteous and very well versed in the problems I called about. I stay with pair because of the excellent customer service. Thank you!” Michelle, 7/6/2017

Empathy is a known trait for introverted individuals. Taking time to understand how the person with whom you’re communicating feels is as important as knowing how to resolve their problem.

“Your technician researched to understand what caused our problem, rather than just doing the simpler solution that I thought I needed. This produced a better result. I am VERY happy with his support.” Will, 6/21/2017  

Introverts are also known for needing to be prepared. A love for learning and innate curiosity support the ability to focus, investigate a problem, and recognize the best solution versus a quick fix.

“We had several phone calls with techs who all were very patient and helpful (and ultimately resolved our issue).” Michael, 10/24/2017

Another common trait associated with introverts is being a great listener. Being an active listener makes it easier to hone in on a problem and work together to find a resolution.

Introverts are also known for being more “rational” or responding in a more even tone during emotional situations. Being able to focus on the reason for the call and understand the angst, frustrations, and feelings of the client is very helpful for someone with empathy. Both are imperative to fixing a problem despite the intense emotions sometimes present when technology isn’t cooperative.

Introverts Unite Separately in Your Own Homes

Reliability, Strategic Thinking, and Solutions OH MY!

Prior to the “internet revolution” executive leadership was believed to be reserved for the extroverted. Many believed the charisma, “take charge attitude”, and social skills needed to advance in the workplace eluded introverts. The majority of the managers for pair Networks are funny, endearing, very well spoken, and introverted.

Where traditionally extroverted leaders are applauded for being outspoken, “take charge”, and persuasive – leadership at pair is refreshingly different. Take Melea Strimple, our COO, she is supportive, wise, and encouraging. Matt Riffle, our CTO, is contemplative, team-oriented, and thoughtful. Decisions to implement major platform and hardware changes are well-researched, strategically executed, and tested for long-term reliability.

Introverted leadership is sensitive to providing an environment that welcomes and celebrates each employees strength – extroverts included. Each change, adaptation, upgrade, and shuttered technology considers the impact on the customer from every conceivable angle. Despite needed alone time to recharge, all departments have been found meeting in the conference room to attack a problem and solve it together. While we do have a few social butterflies who don’t mind being photographed, most of our employees prefer to make supporting customers the snapshot shared with the world.

pair Networks Powered by Introvert Magic  

While the majority of our company is introverted, this doesn’t mean we won’t pose for a picture if we meet you at a WordCamp event. You may even see an image or two of us enjoying Popcorn Fridays, or trying a new food truck. For the most part, you’ll see helpful tips, best practices, links to articles, and a funny gif or two because we like to stay “behind the screen”. We prefer focusing our energy and time on providing world-class hosting for your app, website, database, or gaming community. We enjoy keeping our customers happy because striving to please others also powers #introvertmagic.



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