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How Much Does WordPress Hosting Cost?

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How Much Does WordPress Hosting Cost?

The time has come for you to build your website. You’ve decided WordPress has everything you need to launch and scale in the future. All that is left on your to-do list is to learn the cost of hosting your WordPress website.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting for your WordPress website is available for less with annual payment or $5.95 monthly. Shared hosting includes reliable uptime, rapid loading speed, and up to 500 custom email addresses using your .COM.  For $2.95 per month, pairSIM provides 1-Click installation, automatic software updates, and management. Top level .COMs are available from pairDomains for $13. Each purchase includes WhoIs privacy, dynamic DNS management, and access to domain features most registrars offer a la carte. Website visitors are protected as well as your SERP ranking when you use Let’s Encrypt for SSL protection. There are countless free or low-cost customizable WordPress themes available to choose from to provide a positive user experience for your online guests.

WordPress Enthusiast

WordPress optimized hosting is available for as little as $100 per website a year. No installation is required, it’s ready for use as soon as you log in. All new releases and updates to WordPress are automatically processed, giving you more time to focus on building your website. Inside the Account Control Center or ACC you can transfer, update, and connect your finished website to your pairDomains website address. The ACC is also where you’ll enter your WordPress login information to connect your website. Free Let’s Encrypt certificates are also managed inside the ACC.  

The most popular WordPress plugins are used to protect your website and backup your data. WordFence, the leading security solution for WordPress, is preinstalled eliminating the need for a plugin. pair Networks also provides data backups inside the ACC.


Choosing a professional website theme is simple when you select free WordPress themes from a trusted source. Find a theme resource that employs a team that approves the best themes submitted for use on the platform. Look for a theme that is 100% GPL free or compatible.


WordPress plugins provide website builders with countless options to customize the functionality of the site to meet your industry and audience need. With pair Networks WordPress optimized hosting you can install plugins from trusted industry developers without fear of restrictions or blacklists. For example, if you’re a hairstylist transitioning from a traditional beauty salon to a salon studio, you don’t need to hire a VA or learn how to code, you choose an appointment plugin for clients to book online that integrates with your calendar.


Whether you choose a shared hosting package or launch using WordPress Enthusiast,  you’ll have access to US-based support technicians 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. pair Networks support technicians have years of experience with shared hosting and WordPress optimized hosting environments. Technical support is available by phone or email.

The Cost of WordPress Hosting

Compare shared hosting and WordPress hosting

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