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What Kinds of Websites Can Be Made With Weebly?

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What Kinds of Websites Can Be Made With Weebly

What Kinds of Websites Can Be Made with Weebly?

You can build your new website inside of pair Domains. Using Weebly, you’re able to build your new nonprofit donation center, local restaurant menu, membership site, eCommerce site, or blog. For most website types, you’re able to use the built-in Weebly features. There are two hundred and ninety-three apps available for you to use to build your website when you need special functionality for your new website.

Nonprofit Website

Are you building an online fundraising center for your nonprofit? Weebly’s app store includes DonorBox. DonorBox enables you to receive donations for your charitable organization. You have the option of receiving repeat and one-time donations using credit cards, bank draft, Stripe or PayPal. This is a great option for donation campaigns.

Caterer or Restaurant Website

You’re able to build a sleek, modern restaurant website with the website sections included in Weebly. Open Menu and Menu are also available from the app center. These apps provide premade templates and options to create an online version of a traditional menu.

Membership Website

Membership website functionality is built into Weebly. Whether you’re running a virtual summit or offering customized workouts for a mobile fitness business, you’ll find everything you need to provide a positive experience for your website members in a gated online environment.


Launching an eCommerce site is easy to do using the native functions built into the Weebly site builder. You’ll be able to offer gift cards, access an abandoned cart recovery system, setup tax rates, and set shipping rules and rates without using any apps from the app store.

Lifestyle Blog

Blogging on Weebly has never been easier or better. Your posts are built one section at a time using the same robust drag-and-drop features for your website’s pages. Blog posts are able to be scheduled, organized by category, and offer an RSS feed to readers. Facebook and Disqus integration is available. You can also use the moderation-friendly Weebly comments native to the site builder.

Multilingual Site

Want to offer a multilingual website? Weebly has you covered. Select the Multilanguage app from the app store to offer visitors the opportunity to change your content to their preferred language without leaving your website.

High-Resolution (“Retina Display”) Site

Each website theme is created with compatibility for high-resolution devices for the best display results possible. The introduction of Retina Display for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks requires a higher resolution. When you build your website with Weebly, you’ll deliver a high-resolution site that displays well no matter what device is used by your website visitor.

Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile search surpassed desktop search as the primary place where internet users begin looking for information in 2015. With this in mind, all Weebly website themes are built using mobile-friendly styles or responsive design. Responsive design enables your website to adjust in response to the size of the device used by your website visitor.


Connecting with your website visitors doesn’t have to be a chore. You can try Weebly’s native email marketing platform, Promote, to stay in contact with your audience. Promote provides convenient access to your newsletter and website dashboard in one place.  

With pair Domains as your domain registrar, you can use your custom domain name to launch a professional website for free in minutes. Want to know more about what you can build with Weebly? Read “What Kind of Websites Can Be Made With Weebly” Part 3.

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