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National Business Women’s Week pair Crew Spotlight COO Melea Strimple

pair Networks celebrates National Business Women's Week


Melea Strimple, COO of pair Networks for National Business Women's Week

Melea Strimple, COO of pair Networks, Inc.


Melea Strimple is the Chief Operating Officer of pair Networks. She started with pair 17 years ago, after serving as the COO of a regional Internet service provider. Her career at pair has been focused on strengthening our support services and improving the customer experience. She enjoys problem-solving and helping others reach their goals, whether it be helping fellow staff or clients of pair Networks.

Ms. Strimple has also turned a love of dogs into her own small business, running a successful dog daycare and boarding business. If not behind her desk at pair, you will find her among four-legged, furry companions. Her experiences as a small business owner give her a perspective and understanding of the challenges many of pair Networks’ clients face. She has nothing but respect for the hard work and grit it takes to own and operate a small business.  


“I’ve never been afraid of a challenge.  I believe important growth, personal or professional, happens when we are pushed outside our comfort zone or while faced with our biggest challenges.  I try to embrace those experiences and look forward to the change it will bring within myself or others.  I’ve been very fortunate to have a super supportive team of brilliant coworkers beside me to help me along the way.  Every day I try to repay my gratitude by doing the same for them.  I love being part of a nurturing work environment in which I can make a positive contribution. ” -Melea Strimple