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What is a Website Builder?

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WYSIWYG Website Builder

You signed up for your pair Domains account after purchasing the best domain for your brand. Now you need a website. Don’t waste time being overwhelmed by the cost of hiring a designer. You can also save yourself the time required to learn coding. Access to Weebly, an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder, is Included with the purchase of your domain name.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a user-friendly tool created to build a website using drag-and-drop technology. Drag-and-drop technology is built on a graphical interface. The interface relies on “dragging” what you need from one side of the screen and “dropping” it where you want it on your website. The drag-and-drop builder is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual building tool showing you what you’ve done as you build.

PROS of Using a Website Builder

  • You don’t have to spend time and money hiring a web designer
  • You don’t have to spend the time and money needed to learn coding
  • You choose the drag-and-drop options your site needs
  • Most drag-and-drop options offer functionality needed to create a polished website
  • You can choose the best theme for your site from a plethora of mobile responsive templates
  • Bragging rights for building your own professional website

CONS of Using a Website Builder

  • Your site is not custom built from scratch by a professional web designer
  • Smaller community of users vs. more popular DIY content management systems such as WordPress

Why Choose to Use Weebly?

Domains purchased through pair Domains include access to Weebly and a free Included Plan. You’re able to start building and launch your website as soon as you register a domain with pair Domains. Updates and maintenance for your website is dictated by your availability, not a designer juggling your account with many others. Weebly is an easy to use graphical user interface anyone can master to create a professional website.

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