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Spotlight: Insight Designs

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Can a Web hosting company help you scale mountains?
As the hosting provider for Insight Designs Web Solutions, that’s exactly what pair Networks does. When Insight Designs wires a remote camera into a mountain-climber’s hat, pair is right there, providing the Web support that streams that breathtaking mountaintop shot.

When they give back to the community by funding non-profits like Outward Bound, pair is behind the scenes offering 24/7 technical help. By partnering with pair, Insight Designs can literally help clients reach for the skies.

Such ambitious achievements don’t happen by accident. They require innovation. Insight Designs is a digital company founded by paper-and-ink journalists; they sell Web solutions without salespeople. Founders Beth Krodel and Nico Toutenhoofd have been bucking trends from the beginning, because they know that good work speaks for itself. They’re right — Insight Designs has expanded from a 1999 startup to a thriving company with more than 515 word-of-mouth clients in its guestbook, from national brands like PepsiAmericas and Crocs all the way to local institutions like the University of Colorado Boulder. Exciting, creative solutions are their forte, and they need a Web hosting partner that shares their innovative character.

That’s where pair comes in. In 1995, CEO Kevin Martin couldn’t find any high-quality, fast, affordable Web hosting companies — so he built one. Under his leadership, pair has grown from a 600-square-foot office with a partial T-1 line to a thriving hosting platform with so much dedicated infrastructure that it can promise clients, big and small, not to oversell servers.

pair also offers each client enterprise-level hardware that serves the modern need for speed. With nearly 20 years of experience behind them, pair has the expertise to support fast-paced firms like Insight Designs, that can promise their own clients almost total up-time because pair provides 24/7 in-house, personal tech support. pair’s technical staff works straight from their offices in Pittsburgh — no job, large or small, is outsourced. Easily scalable packages with pro-rated services and no-term contracts make every negotiation simple and short, so that companies like Insight Designs can spend their valuable time creating and innovating.

With pair as a reliable backbone, companies can reach out to their clients and communities and do their best work. As Insight Designs project manager Evan Crouch puts it, “You create good with other people, and that creates more good.” And, creating more good changes the World.
pair Networks: proud to be the power behind Insight Designs, and proud to serve game-changers the World over.

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