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Hosting Your Enterprise Site

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Enterprise sites represent you and your company. Making sure it runs smoothly is imperative. To do this, you need to make sure your site has everything it needs, all the while maintaining high availability for your users. This may seem complicated, but with the right server, your enterprise site is capable of both speed and availability while handling substantial amounts of usage.

supporting your enterprise site imageSupporting Your Enterprise Site

For optimal performance, you need a server that is set up with the specs your site needs to function at full capacity. High availability is a must for enterprise sites. A site that lacks the suitable amount of resources will be painfully slow and may generate “connection timed out” error messages. This will inevitably affect your users who rely on your site.

The repercussions for a slow site can vary based on your site’s purpose. For customer-facing sites, essential processes could be hindered, making your customer’s frustrated and inadvertently sending them to competitors. For the employee facing site, this could cost employee time (and your money).

To ensure these problems never happen to you, make sure that your server is outfitted with the resources your site needs. To achieve optimal performance and uptime, we recommend lots of data storage and redundancy. Having enough processing power is also an issue, so we recommend having a powerful CPU and RAM combination, as well.

We’ve provided recommendations below for what we consider to be an average enterprise site. Keep in mind that all sites vary, so it is best to figure out what works for you. However, with that in mind, this recommendation is designed to be an excellent place to start.

Recommended Specs


Drive RAM
24 Cores/ 48 Threads 240 GB SSD + 4 x 480 GB SSD 64 GB

The average enterprise site is the site that your company relies on. Whether directed internally or externally, the site is an integral part of the company. Without it, sales and/or productivity would suffer. It performs many processes and is accessed by many different users at any given time.

There is a steady stream of concurrent traffic, all using the processes that the enterprise site offers. Because of this high traffic and heavy usage, we recommend at least 240 GB SSD for storage space, with powerful 24 core CPUs and 64 GB of RAM. If availability is vital to your site, you should also consider getting a RAID array (four 480 GB SSDs).

giving your enterprise site the best imageGiving Your Enterprise Site the Best

If you think the recommended specs above would be a good fit for your site, you can sign up for our matching enterprise package here. However, as mentioned before, every site differs. However, we’ve created a server configurator so that you can design a server that works best for your site.

All of our dedicated servers are fully managed, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the server software being out-of-date or any server problems. We have a team specifically devoted to making sure that all our dedicated servers are up and running well.

Have a question? Our 24/7 support team based in Pittsburgh can help. We’re here to make sure your enterprise site runs the best that it possibly can. If you need help figuring out what specifications your server needs, you can contact our sales team and they can help walk you through the best resources for your server.footer image

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