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Write Your Online Business Plan: Brand Distinction

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National Write a Business Plan Month Series

What Makes Your Online Business Different

Many successful online businesses are able to succeed doing something another website already does because they are able to communicate what makes them unique. Being able to share how your brand stands alone in your industry is imperative to attracting, and keeping attention online. Your website visitors want to know why your solution will work for them.

Information, inspiration, entertainment, and products keep website visitors on a website. Each gossip site shares something unique that readers find entertaining. Zappos and offer the same product type in a different way. No matter what industry you plan to enter your brand offers something different. The unique characteristics of the solution you provide is a large part of your brand.

Why You Need to Make Your Brand Distinct

The most important part of your brand’s uniqueness is how it will benefit the customer. Website visitors want to know how your brand will benefit them, based on their need. Is your business online and able to benefit the website visitor offline? How you’ll benefit website visitors can distinguish your brand from others in your industry. Clear, concise language that shows what makes you the right choice for the website visitor is a common characteristic of successful branding. Most important is that your brand’s unique characteristics are focused on the person you want to serve and NOT your competition.

Share Your Business’s Story

The overarching story for your business becomes part of your distinct brand. You should write your story in a way that encourages readers and potential customers to want to connect with you, and what you can do for them. Knowing your story provides visitors with a better understanding of why your solution will be the best choice. Here are three key elements you must include in your business’s origin story.

  • What motivated you to launch your online business?
  • How you’re going to change the visitor’s life with your online business.
  • When you knew it was time to start connecting with people online.

There are several ways to share your story with website visitors. You can add the information to your “About” page under your mission and vision statement. If your business is a blog, your story can be on the “Bio” page as a full explanation that builds on the short bio in the side section on most blog templates. If your business is a traditional eCommerce or more formal business you can share your story in a series of blogs. Social entrepreneurs have mastered the art of interspersing their story in each product listing to deepen the mission-driven side of their business.

As you build your online business plan, your brand will impact everything from your colors to the structure of your website. What makes your online business different is important in helping visitors decide to become customers. Make sure the unique characteristics of your business are clear. One of the most effective ways to share your brand is by telling your story. As important as how you choose to share your brand with the audience is making how you benefit the reader part of your brand.


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