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How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Domain

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Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? It’s a pretty big decision. You have to live with it for a long time and it becomes a part of your identity. You can think of your domain name in a similar way. It’s your website’s virtual ink attracting attention and informing everyone about the identity of your site. Just as a good tattoo that represents you well requires some forethought, so does your domain name. Before you decide, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect domain name for your site:

1. Keep It Simple

Keep your domain simple by eliminating any options with numbers, symbols, or unnecessarily long words or phrases. If your audience finds your domain name difficult to pronounce or type, they won’t choose your site as their first source for information. People are also less likely to share a website if the domain name is long or difficult to type.

2. Make It Memorable

The last thing you want is for your audience to forget the name of your awesome site. Make your domain memorable and brandable. If your name sounds like a real brand, people will find it easier to remember.

3. Make It Intuitive

Your domain name should tell people exactly what to expect from your site. If your website is all about traveling to Pluto, an intuitive name like is simple, easy-to-remember, and tells people what they need to know about your site.

4. Use Keywords

Your domain can affect your search ranking so use keywords for inspiration as you decide on the perfect name. Using keywords for inspiration doesn’t mean using exact-match keyword phrases as your domain name. While choosing an exact-match domain (EMD) seems like a good idea, search engines like Google will give you lower search ranking scores if you select an EMD.

In order to improve your SEO, you can mention a keyword in your domain name. Avoid incorporating exact-match keywords or phrases though. For example, if you’re selling cool stuff on your website, don’t make your domain name “Buy cool stuff online” is an exact-match keyword phrase and it’ll hurt your site’s search rankings. Instead try something like where you’re still including a keyword so people know what to expect from your site, but it won’t appear spammy to search engines.

5. Check Availability

After you’ve come up with a few domain name options you like, make sure you can use them. You can check your domain name availability here.

You should also avoid trademark infringement. If you’re worried your domain name could be confused with a business, you should talk to a legal professional. You don’t want to get sued over your domain name after you spent so much time choosing the right one.

6. It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Your domain isn’t quite as permanent as a tattoo, so it’s okay if you want to change your domain name. If your original idea wasn’t available, you can add a suffix or even get a little creative with your name.

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