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pair Hosts Summer Pitch Fest 2014

Summer Pitch Fest is an PGHTech_15751382event organized by the The Pittsburgh Tech Meetup, a startup networking group founded in 2010. The goal of The Pittsburgh Tech Meetup is to provide a way for folks outside of the university environment with a forum for finding resources, networking, and learning more about entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh.  Some members are techies, some are business-oriented, some have founded companies, some work for startups, and some are in the corporate world.  The Pitch Fest event provides companies with a chance to do a 90 second elevator pitch and get feedback on a new idea, or to do a 10 min pitch deck with slides.  In both cases, this platform gives presenters a chance to get real-time feedback from local experts on their pitch before they apply to an incubator or seek funding.

Summer Pitch Fest was an engaging, high energy event with some truly unique ideas. We really enjoyed hosting the event and hearing what each presenter had to offer. For more information on The Pittsburgh Tech Meetup and upcoming events, visit

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