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ShopSite Version 12 Now Available!

ShopSite 12 is now shopsite-thumbavailble for customers with ShopSite-enabled hosting. Below are some of the new or enhanced features found in ShopSite 12:

New Mobile-Friendly Themes

ShopSite 12 includes six new store themes that automatically adjust to accommodate customers shopping on phones and tablets.

Back Office Redesign

The ShopSite 12 back office has been redesigned to make it easier to manage your store from your mobile device.

Faster Merchant UI

The merchant UI has been optimized to giver shoppers a speedier browsing experience.

Better Image Management

Images can now be uploaded during the Add a Product dialog, or while editing an existing product page, reducing the number of steps required to add images to your product, and saving you time.

Payment Info Screen Overhaul

All payment configuration is now done on a single page, eliminating branching pages for each payment gateway.

Customer Wishlists and Registries (ShopSite 12 Pro)

Registered customers can now store products in personal wishlists and registries, which can increase customer loyalty for your site.

Advanced Order Management Operations (ShopSite 12 Pro)

Link tracking numbers to orders, resend receipts, note order modifications, and more.

…and More!

There are even more new and improved features in ShopShite 12. You can read a detailed description of everything that’s changed by visiting the ShopSite 12 features page:

Learn more about pair Networks’ ShopSite-enabled hosting:

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