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New Regulations Require Contact Information Verification

Why is this happening? ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) has updated the contract that all registrars, including pairNIC, must sign in order to have the right to register domain names. With this contract update, there are new requirements regarding collecting and keeping accurate contact information from registrants. Beginning in 2014, registrars will now be required to proactively verify the accuracy of the contact information that they collect from registrants.

Who will this affect?

Typically, you will need to go through contact information verification if one of the following occurs:

-You register a new domain name at pairNIC
-You transfer a domain name to pairNIC
-You change the contact information associated with your existing pairNIC account
-pairNIC receives a complaint from a third party regarding the accuracy of your Whois contact informaton

I need to go through verification. How will that work with pairNIC?

Initially, you will be required to verify the e-mail and phone contact information associated with your domain name registration. You may be asked to verify your postal address at a later date.

You will be required to verify your contact information within 15 days of receiving a request from pairNIC. If your contact information is not verified in time, your domain name will be suspended, and websites and e-mail associated with your domain name will stop working.

If you are required to go through contact verification, you will receive an e-mail from pairNIC. The e-mail will contain information about how to verify your information.

Additionally, if you have contact information that is awaiting verification, you will see a special alert popup whenever you log in to your pairNIC account. This popup will contain information about how to verify your information.

You can also initialize verification by contacting

Where can I find out more information?

If you have questions regarding contact information verification, please contact us at

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