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ICANN Updates: pairNIC Introduces Changes to WHOIS Services

On Tuesday, ICANNAugust 27th, we will be releasing a few updates that may affect our customers currently using port 43, the text-based Whois server, Among these updates, you will notice a new output format. All registrars are now being required to update their Whois information to match a standardized format that has been set forth by ICANN. This change will help facilitate the transfer process of a Domain Name from one registrar to another in a much more efficient manner.

We will also be taking this opportunity to remove the registrant’s phone number and e-mail address from the Whois output as these are not required fields. Removing this information will help to keep your contact information private. If you would like to restrict even more of your data, you may also want to take a look at the Whois privacy features that come free with every pairNIC domain name registration.

We will be making some minor updates to our terms of service as well.  As a result of new ICANN requirements, all registrants are now required to keep their contact information up to date. If your contact information is invalid, pairNIC will have 15 days to attempt to reach you and make the necessary updates. If we are unsuccessful, ICANN now requires that pairNIC temporarily suspend the Domain Name until the contact information has been updated. To avoid this, just make sure that all of your contact information is up to date.

Stay tuned for future posts and more details on the changes, what you can expect, and how to best prepare.

Have questions? Feel free to contact our friendly pairNIC Customer Care Team at or 1-888-PAIRNIC (1-888-724-7642).

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